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Welcome to Enthusiastic Books! Here you will find great resources for making learning fun and children’s books to enhance your curriculum! With over 25 years of teaching experience I have learned that, “A Wise Teacher Makes Learning a Joy.”

Today’s educational system seems so focused on test results and not on true learning. If a child is motivated to learn, they learn more and they will retain more. I hope to help teachers and parents bring back the joy of learning!

WHAT’S NEW? MATH…& a Few Other Four-Letter Words. This math anxiety printable ebook is available for purchase and can be printed from your computer immediately. It’s both a curriculum and handbook for those who struggle in math. (ages 16+)

Project:PLANET! is in the works…this ebook is loaded with lessons, projects, and fun…all designed to SAVE THE PLANET (or at least your little piece of it).
Want your students to learn about plastics, recycling, etc., but don’t want them bored to tears? This ebook contains many environmentally friendly crafts to keep your students green and loving it.

Good news! The Micro Learning Foundation has added Laundry Man to its promotional CD distributed through Walmart. The CD is available for donation only to benefit the Micro Learning Foundation. MLF was founded by author and Global Broadcasting partner, Lisa Jones Johnson.