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“Before I started the activity the students looked bored and uninterested in my lesson, but WOW what a difference when I started playing one of the games from “A Wise Teacher Makes Learning A Joy”. They got excited to learn which is every teacher’s dream to have their students self-motivated to learn!” -8th grade classroom

“Kids loved the spelling games and I would play it again with them. The girls beat the boys and it was a wild competition!” – 6th Grade Classroom

“The students kept saying…give us more words! Keep going! Those are magic words to a teacher.” -2nd Grade Classroom

“The students really enjoyed it. Some weren’t participating at first, but the techniques you gave to get them involved worked like magic! It got them ALL to participate. It really worked!” -3rd Grade Classroom

….”Overall it was a blast! The kids were laughing and getting all into the game. They loved getting out of their seats and making their friends keep moving. We had to settle them down a few times. However, I was laughing and enjoyed the game so much I lost track of time which resulted in them losing 10 mintues of Science, which at the time they were studying astronomy. Needless to say they weren’t too upset.” 5th Grade Teacher

“Everyone participated for the first time. They like the competition and you can use it with older students. You can do any type of work with these activities!” – 3rd Grade Classroom