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My friend and I decided to do an experiment on the power of words. We both cooked some rice. I placed an equal amount in identical containers and placed both containers on a shelf in my bedroom, side by side. I wrote a “blessing” and a “curse” and taped them on to the top of each rice container. I then read each statement aloud. The blessed rice I called “Jacob” and the cursed rice I called “Esau.” These were Biblical brothers, one blessed the other cursed. It was amazing! Within a few weeks the blessed rice looked nearly exactly the same as when I began the experiment, but the cursed rice…..! It got moldy!! The same thing happened with my friend’s experiment. When I told my sister she did the same thing and got the same results….WOW! The power of our words!

Julie Kotoff, a friend and colleague, has developed a great way to help students master math facts called Mad Dog Math. Julie has been a classroom teacher for many years. She developed Mad Dog Math because of her passion to see children succeed. She is also available to speak at your school! Check out her link at www.maddogmath.com

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Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by! My name is Melodie Fox. I have spent over 25 years working in education, as a classroom teacher, mentor/master teacher, after school program consultant and as an independent chapel teacher-going to different school sites playing music and reading stories I have written. I truly hope my experience and insight can help you to make, “Learning a joy!”

If you are an educator or student, click on the Educators tab to purchase my ebook, “A Wise Teacher Makes Learning a Joy.”